Eastern Passage Jan 15, 2010

Headed out this morning in hopes of finding some spectacular pack ice and brilliant morning light. Unfortunately I didn’t find either. It turned out a be a bleak, cold, overcast morning with a stiff wind out of the north and temperature just south of zero. Oh well, in some ways these are the kind of days I love to hate. I look out and think to myself “nothing here to shot” but then I give myself a kick in the butt and say to myself ” Oh just go for it, see what you can squeeze out of this desolate place”.  A true hunt for images!  Managed to get a few I was kind of happy with considering what I had to work with.  It always amazes me what a digital sensor can see and how the colours change with the seasons.  There are a few long exposure shots (10 + seconds) in this group with only moderate post image manipulation.  Ok the shot of the pack ice had the adjustment  sliders in Lightroom going off both ends of the scale but I was desperate with that one 😉  Hope you like, or perhaps just appreciate some of this images.

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