Hobbies and Interests


I started sailing at the age of ten and continued to pursue the sport for many years.  During my summers in high school and university I taught/coached youth sailing programs at various yacht clubs through out southern Ontario.  MirrorSailing  August 03, 2014___16web8This also included a substantial amount of work with the Canadian Yachting Association as an Instructor Trainer in both the “Learn To Cruise” and “Learn To Sail” divisions.  After graduating from Queen’s University in 1989 I spent five winter seasons in the British Virgin Islands as a sailing instructor and charter captain.


Scuba Diving

I worked in the scuba industry from 1990 to 1998 as an instructor, charter captain and general sales staff.  During this time I logged over 1100 dives mainly in the waters off Tobermory Ontario.  As a NAUI and IANTD instructor I taught a variety of courses including Basic, Advanced, Deep Specialty, Nitrox and Gas Blending.


Sea Kayaking

I spent 5 years Sea Kayaking around the shores of Nova Scotia earning my Paddle Canada Level 2 Certification.  ClamHarbour_July28__  July 28, 2012___60web39While I spent many days on the water touring I really enjoyed rough water play in the surf, tidal races and tidal bores.



On October 5 1986 I jumped out of plane for the first time with the Queen’s University Skydiving Club.  I was hooked. In 1989 I worked (and lived) at the Gananoque Sport David skydivingParachuting Center as a skydiving instructor. I did 644 jumps over those three years.  Some how life managed to pull me away from skydiving but there is part of me that would love to someday jump again.



My interest in photography started while scuba diving in Tobermory Ontario and continues to this day.  I spent many hours in the waters of Georgian Bay photographing the ship wrecks of Fathom Five Provincial Park.  CHP_Walk  July 06, 2015___26web6I also did some commercial work for an underwater geological survey study, did a couple of weddings and sold underwater portraits of scuba divers.  This was in the day of film cameras now of course, I am now shooting digital.  I still seem to be pulled to the water as most of my pictures are now taken on or around the lakes or ocean.


When I was in my teens I was obsessed sailing.  More specifically, racing the Laser Class dinghy.  I quickly found out that this type of sailing required tremendous stamina. running
To this day I passionately integrate fitness into my daily life.  I commute to work by bike, run several times a week and fit in 5 to 6 weight training sessions a week.   I currently hold a Canfitpro Personal Trainer Certification.